Earth Care Spirituality comes to Morro Bay

Combining “earth care” and spirituality, referred to as Blue Theology, the First Christian Church of Morro Bay will inaugurate a new project, Earth Care Ministries, and commission its first Director on Sunday, Aug. 27, at its 11 a.m. service. The church

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AAUW Morro Bay installs new officers

The Morro Bay Chapter of the American Association of University Women has installed its officers for the year 2017-2018. Sandy Rumbler and Barbara Spagnola will lead the organization as co–presidents. Assisting the presidents will be vice-presidents Ja

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A gathering of friends at the Rustic Diamond

It’s on the corner of Main and Surf and you might miss it if you speed on by in your car, so slow down, look for the sign in the window, turn on Surf, park in the back lot, and come on in to The Rustic Diamond. You’ll be glad you did! What will you fin

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What is a non-violent city?

Nonviolent Cities began six years ago as a project in Carbondale, Illinois with people who gathered together and organized to bring the concept of nonviolence to every aspect of their community, so that it would truly become a nonviolent city. Since then

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Morro Bay Lions Club: Ordinary people doing amazing things

The Morro Bay Lions Club is busy helping their community. This club that is part of the worldwide organization of Lions Clubs International is one of 46,000 clubs with 1.4 million members in 205 countries. This makes them the world’s largest service club

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Chamber to discuss legalized marijuana

MORRO BAY — Thursday, June 22, is every business and community member’s chance to come out and be educated at the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce’s informative, facilitated conversation concerning Proposition 64, the cannabis (marijuana) law, that will be a

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Rodeo Queen is Morro Bay High School graduate

MORRO BAY — Sierra Wolfrom graduates this month form Morro Bay High School with a 3.2 Grade Point Average and this is darn good for a gal who wears many hats, most of them having to do with animals. Sierra lives with her parents on five acres in Los Osos

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A good idea duplicated

Linda Quesenberry took a long look at the Morro Bay Resource Center and the activities of the Estero Bay Alliance for Care and found herself asking, “Why don’t we have this in Los Osos?” Since there was no good reason she set about making it a reality. “

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A Small Town Women’s Movement

MORRO BAY — Carol Alma McPhee was a wife and mother in San Luis Obispo during the 1960s. She heard about feminism and the women’s rights movement through national media but nothing of that sort was occurring in San Luis Obispo County. Despite what she cal

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You too can get involved with AGP Video

Are you interested in what is going on in your world? Do you care about what’s happening in your town, your county, your state? Do you wish you could find out things or maybe even take part somehow? Well, there is a great way for you to find out and get i

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Yearning for a yacht

MORRO BAY — Leonard Gentieu is an interesting man. He has managed to marry together his love for cooking and a lifelong dream of owning a yacht. These are two things that don’t necessarily go together, but Gentieu has been able to pull it off successfully

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Demise of South Bay Wild for Morro Bay

Morro Bay - There are a lot of stresses and strains in life that we all deal with but sometimes the abundance of requirements put upon us even just by life itself become too much and then we find we must make a change. In effect this is what happened to R

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Tourism manager provides annual report

MORRO BAY — The Annual Stakeholder Meeting of the City of Morro Bay Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) Advisory Board was held on April 6 at Veterans Memorial Hall. Updates on tourism activity for 2016 for San Luis Obispo County and Morro Bay we

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Additional Articles

  • The other side of the story

    In fairness, it is necessary to let the public know the viewpoint of the Morro Bay Community Quota Fund (MBCQF) in relation to the conflict that arose with the business South Bay Wild. The Quota Fund’s Bylaws explain how the corporation was set up. Intere

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