Rock throws ‘groovy’ party

The 97.3 FM (Morro Bay) and 107.9 FM (Paso Robles) low power FM station “The Rock,” celebrated six years on-the-air, April 6, with a groovy fundraising event at the Morro Bay Veterans Hall.

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Life Intelligence: Mothers

Some have mothers they can trust, adore, and look up to. Others, not so much. From a psychological point of view, the relationship with your mother will be the most important relationship you will ever have with another human being.

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Life Intelligence: Resumes and Eulogies

Our most technologically advanced and resource-rich society happens to be the most depressed and medicated one. We complain about everything! We hope that politicians will fix our life crisis and alcohol will help us feel alive. We blame “the system,” our parents, and whoever is convenient, for our troubles and bad mood. But the answers we seek elude us, as they sit right in front of our eyes.

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The Sun Shines on the Inn at Morro Bay

You can’t miss them. Drive into the parking lot at the Inn at Morro Bay and they are there standing out, bright and shiny, on the roof of the main building that houses the offices, restaurant, meeting rooms, and beautiful lounge — solar panels! They’ve also been installed on the roof of the buildings with the guest rooms.

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