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A good idea duplicated

Linda Quesenberry took a long look at the Morro Bay Resource Center and the activities of the Estero Bay Alliance for Care and found herself asking, “Why don’t we have this in Los Osos?” Since there was no good reason she set about making it a reality. “

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A Small Town Women’s Movement

MORRO BAY — Carol Alma McPhee was a wife and mother in San Luis Obispo during the 1960s. She heard about feminism and the women’s rights movement through national media but nothing of that sort was occurring in San Luis Obispo County. Despite what she cal

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You too can get involved with AGP Video

Are you interested in what is going on in your world? Do you care about what’s happening in your town, your county, your state? Do you wish you could find out things or maybe even take part somehow? Well, there is a great way for you to find out and get i

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Yearning for a yacht

MORRO BAY — Leonard Gentieu is an interesting man. He has managed to marry together his love for cooking and a lifelong dream of owning a yacht. These are two things that don’t necessarily go together, but Gentieu has been able to pull it off successfully

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Demise of South Bay Wild for Morro Bay

Morro Bay - There are a lot of stresses and strains in life that we all deal with but sometimes the abundance of requirements put upon us even just by life itself become too much and then we find we must make a change. In effect this is what happened to R

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Tourism manager provides annual report

MORRO BAY — The Annual Stakeholder Meeting of the City of Morro Bay Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) Advisory Board was held on April 6 at Veterans Memorial Hall. Updates on tourism activity for 2016 for San Luis Obispo County and Morro Bay we

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  • Opinion: Peace be with you

    The current political climate has given rise to a surge in the organization of groups trying to bring some sense of order and reason to the world. This is also true on our local level where several new groups have formed, each working on topics and issues

  • The other side of the story

    In fairness, it is necessary to let the public know the viewpoint of the Morro Bay Community Quota Fund (MBCQF) in relation to the conflict that arose with the business South Bay Wild. The Quota Fund’s Bylaws explain how the corporation was set up. Intere