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MORRO BAY - Are you interested in what is going on in your world? Do you care about what’s happening in your town, your county, your state? Do you wish you could find out things or maybe even take part somehow? Well, there is a great way for you to find out and get involved. You could attend the various meetings and get up and have your say, but if that’s not always possible there is another way. You can watch AGP Video’s broadcasts of cities, towns, county and state meetings very easily. If you are a Charter Cable subscriber it couldn’t be easier. Just tune into Channel 20. For Dish and DIRECTV subscribers there is the Internet and SLO Span (

There was a time when a service like this was not available and meetings were held, sometimes in secret, But, those days ended thanks to the efforts of one Steve Mathieu and his little video camera. Mathieu had issues with the City of Morro Bay back during the 1990s and took to attending a variety of their meetings with a little recording device. Mathieu says when the powers that be found out they weren’t too pleased. For one thing, they had to act nicer. No more foul language or denigrating someone out loud. Mathieu was challenged a few times, but let them know that he had every legal right to record those meetings.

After a while he started to video tape them with a VHS video recorder. Then he got the bright idea to make the videos available to the public and he enlisted his girlfriend, Nancy Castle, who he eventually married, to form a business. Thus, AGP was born. AGP stands for All Government Programs, a very appropriate name since they cover just about everything dealing with government meetings on a local, county and state level.

AGP Video tapes every type of the meeting held in Morro Bay, Los Osos, Cambria, Atascadero, Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, and Oceano as well as all the county meetings. A full list can be found in the sidebar with this article.

You can watch all the meetings live and if you miss one you can still see it because all the videos are archived for the public both on video and audio. With the temper of things in the nation right now it is even more important for people to be informed about the many agencies, whether local or state, that control the welfare of our communities.

There is no excuse for not being informed, no excuse for not getting involved in your government and perhaps even running for office. We all complain about our government, but not many of us do anything about it. There is a necessary component of resistance that insists that if you oppose something then you are bound to propose a solution, otherwise don’t complain. The powers that be may not take up your solution, but at least you have become informed and you have participated by the action of resistance and the offer of solutions.

Steve Mathieu and Nancy Castle have devoted their lives and their business acumen to making sure you have access to anything your local government is doing. It took them years of aggravating conflict along with the need to become technically proficient to be sure you have this critical information and they did this by sheer determination to make this information transparent for everyone. This has certainly been a cause worth fighting for. (See list below of government meetings covered by AGP Video)

AGP Video is proud to present:

Jurisdictions with cablecast on Channel 20

•    Morro Bay – all Brown Act meetings

•    Arroyo Grande – City Council and Planning Commission

•    Grover Beach – City Council

•    Atascadero – City Council (occasionally Planning Commission)

•    Los Osos Community Services District – LOCSD Board

County or Regional Meetings

•    SLO County Health Commission

•    SLO County Board of Supervisors

•    SLO Council of Government/ SLO Regional Transit Authority

•    SLO County Planning Commission –

•    Cambria Community Services District

•    Oceano Community Services District


•    SLO Health Commission

•    San Luis Coastal Unified School District

•    SLO County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Zone 3

•    South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District

State Meetings

•    CA Coastal Commission

•    CA Fish and Game Commission

•    CA Air Resources Board

•    CA Ocean Protection Council

•    CA State Lands Commission

•    CA Park and Recreation Commission

•    Delta Stewardship Council

•    Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee

Election Year Campaign Forums

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