Wellness: Your back will love this savings plan

have a picture of change that I was carrying in my purse. It doesn’t look like much but believe it or not, it weighed 2 pounds! When my purse feels like it is full of rocks, it is good reminder to empty my change purse. Today I decided to weigh the change just out of curiosity and was astonished to see how much it weighed. I kept the quarters (you always need parking money) and put the rest in an old water jug I keep spare change in. Now I make it a regular practice to empty the change out of my purse which is better for my back.

Years ago, I had saved up half a Culligan bottle of change and when I rolled it up it came to $85 dollars. My son hated that I paid for gas and groceries for a week in rolls of pennies, nickels and dimes. Hey! Money is money as far as I am concerned, and a little change adds up!

I have seen many women carrying a suitcase-sized purse (what do they have in there?) and can only imagine how much it weighs. It seems to be in fashion to carry a large purse, but that weight can really have an impact on your neck, back and shoulders. Some women use a “back pack” style purse that is designed to be strapped on both shoulders, but they usually end up just carrying it on one shoulder which defeats the whole purpose. Lately I’ve noticed many older and wiser women carrying much smaller pouch like purses and many of them are worn across the body which is distributes the weight more evenly.

Typically, men don’t carry a lot of change because they have smaller wallets and the weight of it affects the way their pants stay on. I’ve seen wallets that are thick, stuffed full of receipts or notes, so men are just as guilty of carrying too much too. However, carrying the wallet in a back pocket and sitting on it while driving or working can move the back and hips out of alignment. Try making a habit of removing the wallet while sitting and you will be much more comfortable.

Clean out or downsize your purse or wallet. Empty your spare change and lighten the load.  Your body will be more comfortable and find something fun to do when your change adds up!

SanDee Winn is a state certified massage therapist and proprietor of Morro Bay Massage & Wellness Center, 736 Main St., Morro Bay, 805-540-4186.

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