Their Intent Is To Give Back

Gabriel, baby Grey and Audra in front of store. (Photo by Ruth Ann Angus)

MORRO BAY There is a tiny, narrow little shop on lower Morro Bay Boulevard near Main Street that’s filling a big niche in humanitarian work. Intent is the creation of Audra and Gabriel Glatstein who came to Morro Bay recently with their baby Grey looking to have a good life. Part of a good life for them involves paying it forward. Thus, when Audra decided that being a stay-at-home mom was not for her, the idea for a shop that carries goods that give back to help others took root.

“I didn’t want to just open a shop,” Audra explained, “I wanted to do something good for people.”

Every item in Intent gives back money to a wide variety of causes and needs. Audra spent hours and hours researching online for suppliers that ran their businesses in this mode. Each supplier gives back or pays-it-forward for each item the store orders. In addition to that, Intent donates $1 for every item sold in the store to a variety of chosen charities.

A visit to the store will have you mesmerized with all that is available.

“There really is something for everyone,” Audra said, “and you can see what need is fulfilled by the company supplying the item on the tags or displays.”

Some suppliers help people in poverty by purchasing the items they create. For instance, Starfish Products goes into brothels in foreign countries and sets the women up creating beautiful jewelry.

In this way, it has helped these women get out of what may be a demeaning and unhealthful activity and give them the means to make a living.

The store carries hats, scarves, throws, blankets, jewelry, sunglasses, air plants, writing tablets, socks, a variety of bags, bracelets, and toys for pets and kids, and more. One must take their time and examine every item and read the tags and cards posted to see how funds from sales aid in each specific humanitarian cause.

A company called “Rice Love” makes fabric from rice and constructs bags. One bag sold supports a family in a foreign country. On some of their items, there is a code on the tag enabling you to go online and enter it and find the family that the sale of this item helped.

“Wanderer” offers handcrafted bracelets made of Buffalo horn from Bali that supports a small village there.

If you’ve come to town and forgotten your sunglasses, pick up a pair by Solo at Intent and you will help a person who cannot afford them obtain glasses. A display of brightly colored socks from “Conscious Step” have tags explaining how the sale of that pair helps fight a particular aspect of poverty, such as ending hunger somewhere, supplying water to a village, or fighting AIDS.

Good environmental products are also on hand in the store. Blankets and throws made from recycled plastic from “Sand Cloud.”

Bureo” is a supplier that took discarded fish nets from the ocean, melted them down to pellets, and used the material to create different items, one of them being skateboards. This company is researching to find what other useful items can be made from this type of material.

A pound of dog food goes to a rescue shelter for every purchase of an item from “Wilder Dog.” And there are plush toys for dogs or cats that could also be gifts for children. Two percent of the sale goes to animal rescue.

“We also plan to donate to local rescue organizations like Woods Humane,” Audra said.

The Glatsteins also became involved with “One Tree Planted” and so far, have assisted in getting 2,000 trees planted in California. Much of this work is going to re-establish green growth and trees in areas that have been hit by wildfires. Intent gives 1 percent of their profit to this organization to give back to the planet.

Gabriel began his journey in humanitarian work helping the homeless in San Francisco and hopes to be active in that locally. The shop carries products from “The Giving Keys” a pay-it-forward company helping those transitioning from homelessness.

Gabriel is also offering a guided meditation service on Monday nights at 6:30 p.m. at Massage and Wellness at 736 Main St.

Audra and Gabriel Glatstein are dedicated to doing what they can to help others less fortunate in the world.

Intent is a unique type of store offering goods that don’t just satisfy a person’s desires but also go a long way in making life on this planet just a little bit better for everyone.


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