Sunday, August 13 | Living Yoga Academy Teacher Training

6 to 7 p.m.

Living Yoga Academy is brought to you through the collaboration of Jennifer Patterson and Paula Horvath who have a combined teaching experience of over 20 years and a combined yoga practice experience of nearly 50 years. Both Jennifer and Paula understand that yoga is for everyone wanting a more grounded, balanced and fulfilling life. In addition, several talented guest teachers will join the team throughout the program, including Ayurveda with Angela Sarah and Anatomy with Suzi Hatley’s online program. Our 200 hour foundations course offers a non-dogmatic and pragmatic approach to the yoga practice and teaching while upholding and honoring the sacred roots of this powerful path. We will dive into the teachings of yoga, touch on ayurveda, learn about the history of the practice, study anatomy, learn a bit of sanskrit, understand asana, alignment, body awareness, meditation and more. A significant part of our program is the integration of the practice into our daily lives of work, family and obligations in modern terms. The YOGA Center of Morro Bay is located at 1000 Main Street in Morro Bay.


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