Rodeo Queen is Morro Bay High School graduate

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MORRO BAY — Sierra Wolfrom graduates this month form Morro Bay High School with a 3.2 Grade Point Average and this is darn good for a gal who wears many hats, most of them having to do with animals.
Sierra lives with her parents on five acres in Los Osos where she keeps horses, chickens, and sometime sheep. She is responsible for caring for these animals along with an assortment of cats and dogs.
“I plan to go to Cuesta College and major in biology,” she said, “then on to Oregon State in Corvallis, Oregon where I’ll take pre-dentistry and then go to dental school.”
This is an ambitious future that she has planned, but Sierra has long had a penchant for becoming a dentist. But not just any kind of dentist, a pediatric dentist. “I want to work with kids and help them get over their fear of the dentist,” she said. Sierra says she never developed a fear of the dentist but knows that many children just dread it. She also finds that there are not a lot of female dentists and thinks perhaps females may have a bit more compassion for children that are afraid.
“One time I was helping at the dentist and a kid came who was really scared,” she said, “so I held his hand while he had laughing gas and then gave him a toy. He told me it was one of the best experiences he had at the dentist. That made me feel good to do that.”
Medicine is in Sierra’s blood. Her mom is a Registered Nurse and father an Anesthesiologist. She also knows from their experiences, especially her father’s, that it takes a long time to get finished with the necessary schooling. “The earliest I’ll be able to get a job in dentistry will be when I am 27 years old,” she said. Reality says it will be more like somewhere in her 30s. For now, she is taking a nutrition course at Cuesta to get prepared. She may decide on nursing instead of dentistry, but is adamant that whatever the choice, it will have to be something with kids.
Horses play a big part in Sierra’s life. Her mother was 16 when she chose getting a horse over getting a car and ever since a horse has been in the family. Upon moving to the Central Coast from Las Vegas, Sierra became involved with 4-H and joined their horse group.
“We did Gymkhana and other things and used an arena in Atascadero,” she explained, “and it was the arena for the Atascadero Ranglerettes. So, I joined them too.”
At that time, Sierra got her own horse, a Mustang that the Bureau of Land Management had sold to another local girl. She was then able to do drill team, flags, trail, and cow work including breakaway. She doesn’t do barrel racing competitions except for fun. This particular horse had suffered a trauma early in it life when it was attacked by a mountain lion. From that time on he had to be locked in a dark room, couldn’t stand the light, and his previous owner had to do therapy for him. He is fine now at 15 years old and is a rodeo queen horse for Sierra.
Sierra decided to try for the Creston Rodeo Queen Competition where she had to obtain a sponsor first. San Luis Sports Therapy in Morro Bay rose to the challenge for her and then she had to do a variety of things such as doing a western leading cow pattern with her horse.
“We did things like figures eights and switching leads,” she said, “and dismounting your horse properly.”
Then judges ask competitors questions about items on the horse and about horse anatomy. All of this is done in the arena and the final requirements are exiting the arena properly with a wave of the hand. After that it is on to the tents where more judges ask more questions.
“You have to tell them why you want to be a rodeo queen and name three rodeo events,” she said. “Then it is on to public speaking answering impromptu questions.”
One of the questions she was asked was what kind of fruit she would be if she were a fruit. Sierra chose the pomegranate because they have all different sections of seeds in them and she felt that was like her personality.
The outcome of the rodeo queen competition isn’t announced until the day of the rodeo in September.
“You are given chaps and you do a queen entrance and then they announce the winner,” she said.
In September of 2016, Sierra won and became Creston Rodeo Queen. During the year, she gets to be a guest at other rodeos and performances. She will do a guest appearance at the Mid State Fair Rodeo this year.
Sierra’s future looks bright. She has a boyfriend, Derek Williams, and they will both be at Cuesta in the fall. She eventually wants to be married and have children, but that will have to wait until after her schooling is finished.
“Right now, he is a best friend,” she said.
Before starting Cuesta, she will join her sister, who is in Spain doing an exchange program, and they plan to tour Europe.

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