Plant a Tree for Earth Day

With interest in environmental justice growing, this Earth Day on April 22nd many people will join groups to do something positive for our planet. Joining in with the global grassroots movement to end the “crucifixion of the earth” is of major interest for faith-based groups. Others realize that the complex global economic problems are not solved easily or quickly but that disengaging the welfare of the plants and animals from our own welfare is wrong. So, we come together on common ground on this one day of the year to try to clean things up as best we can and to spread the word, create new life, and practice earth care.

 Many areas of the Central Coast are not places where trees grow abundantly. Although town neighborhoods have trees of all kinds, the native oak tree is seen on hillsides in more rural areas. A visit to the northern coast of California is refreshing as you drive through forests of redwood, pine, and fir. Trees are good for us; even essential as creators of oxygen. In the Spring issue of the Solstice Green Directory an article mentioned how trees and shrubs around people’s homes contributed to better mental health. And birds certainly enjoy them!

 Recently local Rotary clubs have taken on the challenge to plant trees throughout the county. Researching what kind of trees would do best in any given area is necessary to keep alien species at bay. Finding that trees are not natural to an area gives the opportunity to plant native bushes and shrubs instead.

 This Earth Day you have an opportunity to join with the people of Earth Care Ministry of First Christian Church in Morro Bay to plant an oak tree in the garden area in front of the church. Earth Care members are looking for a few good volunteers to come out and help as they plant a California oak in an area being developed as a meditation garden that will be accessible year-round to the public. Planting will take place at 12:30 P.M. on Sunday, April 22nd. Necessary equipment for planting will be supplied. All that is needed is your muscle!

 First Christian Church is located at 2050 Ironwood Avenue. For more information call 805-225-1971.


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