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Baker, de Wilde bring masterful work to Marina Square

Located right on the harbor, upstairs from the Embarcadero, the Gallery at Marina Square is featuring two new exhibits by Fine Art Photographers Jeremy Baker and Jerry de Wilde. The shows will run from July 30 to August 29, with an opening reception and Art Walk for both artists on Friday, Aug. 11, 5-8 p.m.

 “Big Sur Memories”
Jerry de Wilde, a.k.a ‘Dok’, was born in Brooklyn, NY, earned his degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Columbia, left the east coast in the 1960s to study at the Theatre Academy in Los Angeles, and made a career in theatre and television. After meeting fine art photographer Robert Frank, de Wilde he embraced a dramatic life change into the world of photography with Frank as his mentor.
De Wilde lived in a creative environment called “The Farm” back in the sixties, and based his work there while he traveled the world photographing love-ins, anti-war demonstrations, and the counterculture of the times. De Wilde shot one of the most famous images in rock ‘n’ roll, Jimi Hendrix lighting his guitar on fire, and in between those moments, he’s photographed everyone from Chuck Yeager to Bob Hope.
The world renowned photographer will focus his upcoming show on the 1960s Big Sur landscapes versus the contemporary day. The recent photos of Big Sur will take a look at what has changed in 50 years and what has stayed the same.
In the words of Gallery at Marina Square Co-Owner Gregory Siragusa, the work will be a look at “what’s eternal and unchanging.” Siragusa said one of the most compelling pieces is a photograph of one of de Wilde’s bell-bottomed friends leaping in the air in complete bliss, as a beautiful glance north shows a pastel 1960s-era beach. He compares this photo with a digital shot of the same location, side by side, as contrast.
De Wilde’s artistic goal is to strike an emotional chord in the viewer, presenting both modern and classic photographic of landscapes and life in coastal California.

“Explore More”
Jeremy Baker
Baker is an Atascadero artist and family man who works at the Photo Shop in San Luis Obispo. His experience working with the public and professional photographers every day gives him the advantage of knowing every aspect about every camera, including the chemical versus electronic processes.
He collects vintage cameras and cherishes film. He shoots on a big, heavy 6x6 Aero Hasselblad and develops his work in one of those rooms once known as a darkroom. His mastery of the technical aspect of photography shows in his work, and his upcoming show will explore the nuances in nature and life.
“Jeremy is really, really good at creating images that bring people to an emotional place, but he also has an idea that comes back to what we understand photography has always been. ”Gallery Co-Owner Greg Siragusa said. “Somebody will not only imagine themselves there but imagine the state of mind that they would be if they were in that place.”
Baker utilizes several different types of top of the line cameras when making his incredibly detailed art, and said, “Nothing connects me to the spirit of the photographic process like shooting film.” Baker finds it difficult to fit his photography into one genre. “Whether a scenic landscape, a star-filled night, the story kept by rural and urban decay, or trying to reveal the soul of a person through making their portrait, I am in constant search for the beauty life holds.”
Gallery at Marina Square is located at 601 Embarcadero, Suite 10, Morro Bay, CA 93442.


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