New Year, New Colors, New People, New Things at Ruby Dragon

“People have often said, ‘Oh, I didn’t know you were back here. You need a sign,’” commented owner of Ruby Dragon, Penny Harrington. “Well, we have always had a sign, but people just didn’t see it.”

Harrington rectified that by changing the colors of the sign on the front of the building to bright pink with black and white lettering. Plans are to also have more signage in the windows.

Harrington is also moving things around inside the store which is a large spot in the rear of the building bursting with all things mystical and rocks galore. Circles and creative classes by Laurine Tonkin have moved to a large space in the front. A new sound healer is moving to Tonkin’s old space. Harrington will also be having a variety of teachers coming in to use the classroom.

A new practitioner Amanda Smith, a soil scientist and environmentalist is also joining the group near the front of the building. Smith has been heavily influenced by many moves throughout her life both physically across the United States and Europe and mentally from traditional science to metaphysics and back again. These moves nurtured an appreciation for the wide varieties of human beings that live on this planet as well as for the distinct nature of this Planet Earth. Smith has an insatiable appetite for learning earth science from books and from communing with and listening to what the land has to teach.

Smith has combined her love of science and the spirituality of nature to create her business Gaia’s Guidance – Nature’s Way. She teaches all the amazing ways that Nature perfectly manages itself and how human beings can connect with the earth and be a good steward.  Smith says that in return the earth stewards us offering abundance, ease, grace and trust. “When we become authentic earth stewards, resources from the earth easily flow to us,” she said. Smith is also fundraising and networking to create her teaching farm, where regenerative farming practices and spiritual land connection will be taught.

Smith brings a beautiful oracle deck for sale in the shop and is available for readings and appointments at Ruby Dragon by calling 805-235-0666 for an appointment or by just coming in.

Harrington said a good crystal for the New Year is brilliant Blue Kyanite. “Blue Kyanite has nurturing vibrations that enter the auric field and fill your entire being with light energy,” she explained, “working with or wearing Blue Kyanite is like being held in the arms of angels, feeling loved and supported by this uplifting beauty.” She went on to say that blue kyanite is an amazing stone for the Throat Chakra, as it inspires people to speak their truth with confidence, courage and integrity.

“It is wonderful for your New Year’s intentions,” she said, “Blue Kyanite awakens creativity, clarity, and intuitive abilities. It alleviates hesitation and removes emotional or mental blockages to promote positive forward movement.”

Ruby Dragon is located at 875 Main St., Suite C (at the end of the hall), Morro Bay. For more information, call 805-772-1100 or see the online store at or email [email protected]


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