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MORRO BAY — Are you concerned about the way things are going in the world? Do you wish you could explore solutions and express your concerns in a safe, nonviolent atmosphere? Then you might be interested in the series of “Talk Around the Table” gatherings.

Join with Yes We Can Peacebuilders (YWCP) beginning at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 27 at the Wine Seller in the Marina Square for a relaxed and interesting conversation on a variety of social justice topics.

“We will utilize the principles of nonviolence as put forth by Martin Luther King Jr., to guide our conversations,” commented Paula Hulet, Associate Director of YWCP, “and touch on social justice topics that are prominent in our daily lives.”

The series includes the following topics:

“The Situation We Are Facing” — dealing with current real-world problems, a description of violence, how violence comes into play in current affairs, the nature of violence, ways we react to violence, and how we can react differently. An interesting role play is included.

“Pieces of Truth” -— this table talk allows participants to experience the Gandhian philosophy of truth and untruth with a role play on the issue of homelessness. Each participant will get to play a total of six parts. Discussion of the role play and how Gandhi’s philosophy applies will follow.

“Unleashing Our Power Within” — is primarily for women and includes exploring the elements put forth in the poem “Imagine a Woman” by Patricia Lynn Reilly from “A God Who Looks Like Me: Discovering a Woman’s Affirmative Spirituality.” A guided meditation is included.

“Differences in Opportunities” — investigates the structural violence involved in the inequality for women in the marketplace and daily life. Discussion will center on women’s issues of empowerment or lack thereof in relation to working women and the three forms of power and how they impact the modern woman.

Meditation techniques for people to practice at home will be offered by Gabriel Glatstein, Clinical Psychologist, at each talk.

Future Talk Around the Table topics will include “Free Speech-Do We Have It,” “Dealing with Anger in Relation to World Events,” “What is Justice,” and “Negativity/Positivity.”

“We hope people will join us to enjoy a little wine and explore these interesting and relative topics dealing with today’s issues,” Hulet said. “We must dialogue. It is the only way for us to find the common ground we have.”

You can register for Talk Around the Table at [email protected] Put Table Talk in your subject line.

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