National Night Out Coming Up

MORRO BAY Members of the Morro Bay Neighborhood Watch Association invite the community to come out and enjoy the 36th Annual National Night Out with the Morro Bay Police Department on Tuesday, Aug. 6 at the Cloisters Park from 5 to 7 p.m. A delicious barbecue is offered but you are asked to bring a potluck dish to share. Musical entertainment is being offered by Mermaid’s Fiddle.

Folks will have a chance to connect with their public safety partners and learn safety tips. Booths with exhibits on many aspects of what a Neighborhood Watch entails may be just the thing to get you interested in joining the Association and starting a Watch in your area of town.

The Morro Bay Neighborhood Watch has been around since its incorporation on March 8, 2001, and has worked closely with the Morro BayPolice Department on various aspects of safety as well as joining in MBPD events such as the Haunted House at Halloween and the popular Caroling Cops at Christmas season and CERT training.

The basic concept of Neighborhood Watch is for a group of people living in the same area to work together and in conjunction with law enforcement to reduce crime and improve the quality of life. In many cases, the watch system has been responsible for things like noticing that an elderly neighbor has not opened their blinds one day and intervened and saved a life. Some groups mobilize to patrol their neighborhoods and others distribute crime prevention information. Much as we would like to feel that no crime occurs in our town, this is just not the case, and a watchful neighborhood aids law enforcement with situations that could become serious.

Many neighborhoods come together to do clean-ups and others work with faith-based organizations assisting with homeless and mentally ill individuals who wander the streets. This is helpful to law enforcement as they learn of the needs of various groups and can help tailor their activities and responses to those needs.

“Neighborhood Watch is meant to bring the spirit back to our neighborhoods,” commented Carole Truesdale, President of the Morro Bay Neighborhood Watch. Truesdale went on to explain that plans are to break Morro Bay up into four quadrants, each with their own watch. The Morro Bay Police Department would then assign a dedicated police officer to those quadrants for residents to contact for assistance. All that is needed is for the residents of the four areas to join up with Neighborhood Watch. “By joining our organization, people can discuss concerns with the local MBPD during the different meetings,” Truesdale said, “and get to participate in the fun events that we support.”

You can learn much more by attending the National Night Out on August 6th and also by following the organization on Facebook: Morro Bay Neighborhood Watch. The motto is “Keeping Morro Bay neighborhoods safe for generations.”


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