Morro Bay Police Chief Cox Launches Chief’s Advisory Committee

MORRO BAY Morro Bay Police Chief Jody Cox continues with advances for better community involvement with the launching of the Chief’s Advisory Committee. “The goal of this diverse committee will be to represent the greater Morro Bay community,” Cox explained. The make-up of the committee is to include citizens, business owners, faith-based organizations, school representatives and others willing to contribute their time and input to build a better community by offering their perspectives and solutions.

“The focus of the Chief’s Advisory Committee will be to address community concerns that center around public safety and quality of life issues with a shared commitment toward building positive relationships and improving our community-policing efforts,” Cox stated.

Cox aims for the program is to create an environment where the community feels its police department values their input and is accessible to the needs of this unique community.

Advisory Committee members will act as a sounding board for the police chief regarding community needs and concerns and provide feedback to proposed programs and policies. They will share with the chief the community’s needs for police services and provide feedback on the delivery of services as well as assist in educating the community about the function and role of the police department. Members will attend scheduled meetings at the police station with the Chief of Police or his designee. Other roles for the committee will be announced as they are needed.

Information on applying came to this publication too late for our April issue and the deadline was April 20, however, information about the committee can be found on the city’s website at: or contact Support Services Manager Bonnie Johnson at 805-772-6284 or [email protected] for additional information.

An interview/selection process was conducted following the application deadline and applicants will receive scheduling arrangements. Upcoming articles will present the members of the committee and its progress.


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