Grief and Loss Support Group at Coalesce

MORRO BAY — There is nothing easy about the end of life and certainly one of the most difficult aspects is grieving. After dealing with the trauma of losing a loved one very often one is expected to contain their grief to a subscribed period of time. That can be a few days to a week off from work for a funeral and then it is back to normal. Or is it?

Grieving can be a much longer process and impacts every part of one’s life. Friends and family may try to help but that support can be lacking or not enough. This is the time to consider grief assistance and/or a support group. Services like these are available from the Wilshire Hospice Center Grief Education and Healing.

The Center offers the hospice patient assistance while progressing through the last stage of life and additionally provides help for the family with anticipatory grief work.

All grief deserves attention and understanding. The Wilshire staff is trained in grief counseling for adults, adolescents and children. At the Center, a comfortable room is designated for adult bereavement counseling sessions, and a special children’s bereavement room was built expressly for the distinct needs of the children and grandchildren of our patients. It is filled with tools such as art supplies, books and puppets, that counselors use to aid youngsters in their grief work.

Wilshire Hospice also offers workshops and education at a variety of sites. An open discussion of grief and loss is hosted at Coalesce Bookstore every third Tuesday of the month from 3 to 4:30 p.m.

This Grief Support Group offers a safe place to share one’s journey through the grieving process. Wilshire Hospice emphasizes that with grief comes mourning and while mourning brings healing it is important to have support and understanding while experiencing loss.

To register for this group, a brief intake with a grief counselor is necessary to assure that the group would meet one’s needs. To schedule an intake session call 805-269-0141.

Other support groups include the following:

The Anticipatory Grief group is for anyone who is experiencing the anticipated loss of a loved one nearing death and the complete range of emotions that may emerge. This workshop is an open group and is held once a month on the second Wednesday of the month from 3 to 4:30 p.m. at 277 South St., Suite R, San Luis Obispo.

An open discussion on “How we stay fully engaged in life while exploring our beliefs and stories surrounding death and dying” is the Death Cafe held the first Monday of the Month, 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. at the Nautical Bean, 2010 Parker St., San Luis Obispo.

For more information on other support groups and upcoming groups or to register for a group, call 805-269-0141 or email [email protected]


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