Green Lotus Offers New Salt Therapy

Tim Costa in the large activity room set up for a Sound Bowl session at the Green Lotus Center. (Contributed photo)

MORRO BAY There are many things going on at the Green Lotus Center on Morro Bay Boulevard. In the two historical buildings on that site, Janne John has practitioners offering massage, yoga, Ayurvedic practices, meditation, and most recently Himalayan Salt Therapy.

Salt therapy is similar to spending a day at the beach and inhaling the salty sea air except it is done in a tranquil room listening to calming music while resting on comfortable lounge chairs. The room, that is in the previous Bayshore Realty building, glows with a soft pink light that emanates from three huge panels containing chunks of Himalayan salt. While some particles of salt come off those panels, the real treatment comes through a halogenerator that is located outside the room. Very minute particles are sent from the halogenerator into the room and these are gently inhaled as one sits in the darkened room.

“I saw the Santa Barbara salt room,” John explained, “and had heard of this from my connections with Deepak Chopra.” That salt room is a cave lined floor to ceiling with Himalayan salt which is light pink in color. “The salt is pharmacy grade and microscopic,” John explained, “and you don’t feel it.”

Salt is a natural disinfectant and antimicrobial and antibacterial. Ancient healers used salt therapy and it has been found to benefit respiratory problems. Dry salt air is more powerful than moist. Inhaling particles help reduce inflammation and mucus in the lungs and is beneficial for people with breathing difficulties such as asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) as well as sinus congestion and allergies. John emphasized that skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and rashes also benefit from the therapy.

While salt therapy is the newest offering at Green Lotus, this center offers much more with classes and workshops. Tim Costa holds singing bowl sound baths every second Sunday of the month at 6 p.m. Using the sounds from seven crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls and gongs the audience enjoys the songs. Arrive early at 5:30 p.m.. and you can enjoy some herbal tea and get comfy in your space. Cost is only $15, and you can pay upon arrival.

Primordial Sounds and Mantras is a sound meditation instruction technique from the Chopra Center where co-founders Deepak Chopra and David Simon revived the ancient practice of sound meditation. In this class, you receive your own personal mantra that is a specific sound or vibration and when repeated silently helps to bring you to a deeper level of awareness. In these turbulent times, the practice of regular meditation offers many health benefits. It can lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and boost the immune system.

John also offers an Ayurvedic class to balance the body. Ayurveda is the 5,000-year-old healing system founded in ancient India and is derived from the Sanskrit words Ayus meaning life and Veda meaning wisdom. An Ayurvedic proverb states, “When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” The class is Understanding the Concept of Ayurveda and will be held in July 2019. Call for the date. Price $20 donation.

On Oct. 25 to 27 there will be a Mandala Painting Workshop by Paul Heussenstamm for 20 students. All materials will be provided. Some of the previous mandalas painted by Heussenstamm are hanging on the walls of the great room at the Green Lotus Center where the classes take place.

Janne John is a Certified Teacher. She has studied under Deepak Chopra for more than 15 years.  She teaches the Ayurvedic Class called “ Perfect Health”, the Meditation Class called “Primordial Sound Meditation” and teaches the “Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga.”

There are yoga instructors, meditation instructors, massage therapists, acupuncture therapists and more offering a variety of classes and practices. A small gift shop is in the previous Bayshore Realty location offering biologicals for sale.

The Green Lotus Center is dedicated to peace and nonviolence through aiding people to delve into their mind, body and spirit.

You can find out much more at the website at and for appointments for Himalayan Salt Therapy call 805-748-4930.


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