Good Politics is the Service of Peace

MORRO BAY “Good Politics is at the Service of Peace” is the theme for 2019 as stated on World Peace Day Jan. 1. This theme is carried throughout the year and encourages people to take it to heart in their daily lives.

“The world will not have peace without people having mutual trust and respecting each other’s word,” Pope John said in his Jan. 1 address. This mission of good politics “consists in safeguarding law and in encouraging dialogue among stakeholders in society, between generations and among cultures.”

This is the mission that Morro Bay takes to heart in 2019 with a new mayor and city council as it lives up to the Peace Proclamation issued by the City Council on Sept. 11, 2018.

The message of Good Politics involves the mandate that political responsibility belongs to all citizens and especially to those elected to protect and govern and that there is no peace without mutual trust and respect for one’s word.

The theme indicates that politics, by its very nature, must be concerned with the future of life on this planet and what that future will be for the young and marginalized. It emphasizes that when the rights of people are respected by their government then the people, in turn, respect the rights of others.

Good Politics stresses the “importance of fraternity” to overcome political and individual indifference and to focus on political involvement as both a duty and an act of charity aimed at achieving peace.

The City of Morro Bay Proclamation of Peace and Nonviolence focuses on bringing peace to every living being so all will be respected in their own dignity and with their own rights.

September is now The Morro Bay Month of Peace and Sept. 21 is designated as Morro Bay International Day of Peace when a celebration of peace will occur.

“Peace is not merely the absence of war and violence, but a condition where a society has achieved a balance of prosperity, security, justice, and hope, and is found through the concepts and methodology of nonviolence.”


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