Goddess Goods Going Strong A Year On

MORRO BAY March 14 was a packed and perfect day on the Morro Bay waterfront and a happy occasion for one business owner marking a full year running a small cafe on the corner of Beach and Front streets.

Goddess Goods, with a crystal-clear view of the Rock, and a menu of vegan breakfast and lunch offerings paired with coffee roasted in Atascadero, has brought some health and color to a block many visitors used to pass by. Owner Summer Mote didn’t tell all that many people that the business’ anniversary was coming up but the natural flow of traffic kept her busy.

Technically a “Vegetarian Cafe” because she wasn’t about to deny coffee lovers the option of cow’s milk if they ask for it, Mote has a good relationship with carnivores even if she’s ended up catering to vegan and gluten-free guests. Nextdoor to the House of Jerky, she says the two shops balance each other out with a nice Yin and Yang.

Currently training seasonal employees during the calm before Morro Bay’s expected tourist rush, a lot of attention is being given to her trademark homemade hummus and a taco Tuesday featuring vegan street tacos made with chipotle walnut “meat,” black beans or smoked chickpeas.

“My fiancé and I are very ‘clean’ eaters,” she explained, “it was kind of a fluke that I ended up catering to a specific clientele because that wasn’t the point except to be healthy.”

While not holding her family to a strict diet, they do follow most of the guidelines set for the shop kitchen, including organic and local ingredient sourcing and protein from vegetarian sources. Her fiancé Cody St. James notes he’s lost a whole 130 pounds on the diet, coincidentally about what the petite Mote said she weighs. While St. James remained a tall and strapping man, exercise is important to those results, so Goddess Goods isn’t going to make guarantees on their customers’ fitness.

Mote enjoys being able to offer uncommon options for customers though, proud of the fact that European tourists return daily for her Joebella Coffee espressos during their Central Coast vacations and having guests from Fresno and Bakersfield revel in finding healthy lunch options while their friends stop for a burger or fish and chips up the street.

As for the stylized Earth Mother or Goddess figure hanging above the door and welcoming trekkers on the Front Street bike and walking path, Mote said it represents her view from the shop.

“It’s not a feminist statement; I’m more of a humanist, but the figure and the name are pretty simple. I’m the ‘Goddess’ sitting offering my ‘Goods’ for everyone to enjoy,” she said.

Non-edible offerings include a little shelf space devoted to colorful handmade, natural fiber bags, sunscreens from Morro Bay-based All Good, candles and even a little spot for CBD oil balms.

Indoor seating is somewhat limited with a counter across the “clearview” front windows, but there’s always room for improvement, “it’s on the drawing board, I still have to see about it with the landlord, but some accordion doors right here would open the whole space on a nice day.”

Currently open 6:30 a.m to 5 p.m., plug 1124 Front St. into GPS or go online to goddessgoodmb.com or Instagram food shots @goddessgoodsmb.


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