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MORRO BAY - Standing up on a paddleboard may look difficult to you but Sandi Twist, owner and operator of The Paddleboard Company says you would be surprised how easy it is and anyone from eight to 80 can do it.
The Paddleboard Company offers a variety of different activities all performed standing up on a board on the water. “It really is easier than most other water sports,” Sandi said, “and you get a better view of the environment than you would paddling a canoe or kayak.”
Sandi began her interest in water sports while living on the Big Island in Hawaii beginning with surfing and, it was there that she first tried paddleboarding. A move to the Central Coast of California and to Morro Bay presented her with the opportunity to get into her own business something unique for a woman in this field. Sandi’s husband Ken helps out but is full time employed elsewhere.
The Paddleboard Company is located at 575 Embarcadero, and is open Thursday through Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Rentals, classes and other special activities are offered through the shop.
Yoga is one of the special things done on a paddle board and Sandi has sessions of SUP Yoga led by certified instructors. “Except for a few,” Sandi said, “you can do almost all of the yoga positions on the board and there is a benefit to being on a surface that has less resistance than a floor.”
Friday mornings finds a group doing a Fitness class on a board where paddling about on the bay gives a person some cardio recreation. For Yoga and Fitness one can bring their own board or rent one.
They also have the Saturday Race Series for all levels of paddlers. This spring session lasts six weeks and is headed by professional paddleboarder Nikki Gregg, who is Race Director and Instructor. All instructors are ACA (American Canoe Association) certified.
When you enter the store the first thing you see is an assortment of boards hung along the wall. Directly in front of you are boards about 14 feet long although they look even longer. These are classic racing boards. To left of them are shorter boards that are used for all kinds of paddleboard adventures.
If conditions are good, Sandi can bring people out the mouth of the harbor to get the experience of standing straight up on a board feeling the power of the open sea. “The nice thing about Morro Bay is that there is the inner bay and a spot just around the tip of the inner sandspit where one can practice a little surfing,” Sandi said, “and we can go all way into the back bay on calm water.” Sometimes the tides can present a challenge with the swift intake and outtake of water in the bay, but this is what makes stand up paddleboarding interesting here.
The Paddleboard Company participates in the yearly 24-hour endurance SUP event to raise money for cancer that just took place on April 15. This year’s event raised $6,000 that is going to six families in this area. Teddy Borja of Estero Paddle was the team captain and he donates 10% of sales from his brand to the Morro Bay National Estuary Program.
Demonstrations held by appointment give you the chance to try out a board before purchasing and The Paddleboard Company has boards, clothing, and all the needed accessories for you.
“We Cater to the Curious,” Sandi said, “with hourly rentals, lessons, and tours. We Cater to the Serious with demonstrations of a variety of boards and Yoga and Fitness. We Cater to the Passionate with paddle teams, events, classes and technical training.”
Stop by and talk soon and try a SUP, Stand Up Paddleboard adventure! For more information see

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