‘Don’t tell me I can’t’

Ruth Cherry, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist practicing for 40 years and a meditation teacher for 20 years. Her books include “Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment,” “Accepting Unconditional Love,” “Transformation Workbook,” and “Open Your Heart.”

Perhaps what best describes Dr. Cherry is her statement, “don’t tell me I can’t,” which is the story of her journey with Multiple Sclerosis. Having worked with thousands of people over the years Dr. Cherry asked the questions most of us ask about life: “Why am I the way I am?” “Why do I always experience the same frustrations?” and her favorite, “Why is my life turning out so completely different from what I expected?”

“We all want to know ourselves better,” she said, “I asked these questions when I was slammed with the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Initially, I was horrified. Every day for a few months I awoke saying, ‘I can’t believe this is happening to me!’”

Cherry found medical professionals were kind and competent but none of them said, “I know you can beat this.” The diagnosis left her feeling alone and desperate and confused. “I had dropped to a level of vulnerability I hadn’t known before,” she said.

She began writing in her journal as she moved through layers of unhealed emotional wounds and restricting mistaken beliefs. “I didn’t know what I would write in my journal,’ she said, but words spilled from my pen. I didn’t recognize them as my own thoughts but simply as words and thoughts moving through me. I respected the evolving activity of my inner world by assuming the stance of detached Observer. After thirty minutes of observing and recording, I rose, feeling cleansed and clearer.”

Utilizing meditation twice day Cherry watched her emotional wounds and mistaken beliefs resolve. “I plugged into a flow my intellect couldn’t access and I allowed myself to be carried,” she said, “Finally, I welcomed my diagnosis as an opportunity to form new habits.”

As she opened to healing on the psychological level, she experienced physical healing. Over weeks and months her walking improved, her vision sharpened, and her fatigue diminished. “I discovered partnership with life as I embraced my vulnerability,” she said, “I wanted something unrealistic and allowed myself to want it, knowing I could not make it happen.”

This is how she learned about transformation and through practicing partnership with life she found that we open to a wisdom greater than our intellect’s with the possibility of healing in specifically personal terms.

“Now I practice complete self-acceptance. I don’t need to impress anyone nor do I feel offended by another’s disregard,” she explained, “I practice gratitude for whatever exists, regardless of my feelings. I don’t say I don’t like what happened, I simply say, thank you. I practice forgiveness. I commit to being my own best friend, always on my side. I practice receiving my good. The more I practice the more I receive. I practice surrender and live close to my core. I see myself healed and I trust a Wisdom greater than my mind’s.”

Dr. Cherry will discuss her experience, and her books and healing in a non-traditional way on Saturday, December 8th at the Morro Bay Library at 1:00 P.M. at 625 Harbor Street, Morro Bay. You can learn more at www.ruthcherryphd.com or call 805-439-2757.


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