A gathering of friends at the Rustic Diamond

New business offers vintage home decor and more

It’s on the corner of Main and Surf and you might miss it if you speed on by in your car, so slow down, look for the sign in the window, turn on Surf, park in the back lot, and come on in to The Rustic Diamond. You’ll be glad you did!
What will you find? Vintage style home décor along with new eclectic collectibles and a special choice of trendy outfits for women. The shop, owned by Cindy Williams, is a labor of love and is an outlet for her own creative talents as well as her artist friends most of whom come from Bakersfield.
“I bought the place and originally was going to have it as a studio apartment that my family would use as a weekend getaway,” Williams said.
Williams and her husband still own their home in Bakersfield but have been coming to Morro Bay for years. After deciding she could do something else with the space, Williams enlisted her “partner in crime,” friend Rebecca Hayes to go to estate sales and yard sales and just go on the hunt for small furniture pieces, household collectibles, and anything that looked like it would work if repurposed and made into something new. Filling her friend’s garage, she and Rebecca waded into some creative redo’s that have resulted in interesting and multi-useful items like small coffee tables, side tables, bookcases, and chest of drawers.
This writer couldn’t resist purchasing a small round metal washtub with a round repurposed old wooden top that is removable so the washtub can be used for storage. Williams painted the tub creamy white, had her husband put round chunky legs on it, and painted the top white and then distressed it. It works as a small coffee table in the 100-square foot living room in my tiny house.
Another item with a dual use was a short side table with drawers for storage and a removable tray on top. The tray can be removed for use in serving people drinks and food.
Williams works with five artist friends among them Michelle Stone, who paints colorful flowers and critters on recycled wooden boards, wall decorations that are very popular right now and also painted the signage in the shop windows.
She is also excited to have in the shop her “most interesting items in the store,” lamps and lighting fixtures created by Morro Bay resident, Neil Johnson. Johnson uses old plumbing fixtures, pipes, and metal pieces that might have been used possibly in automotive or manufacturing work. They are the most unique and eclectic lighting fixtures ever seen. Williams is carrying a variety of these in all sizes. Some are table lamps and others can be used as hanging lights. Johnson will also work with customers to do custom pieces.
Collectible household items, antique mirrors, jewelry, creative cards, and some clothing round out the merchandise available.
Williams and her family are always active and they have started a house cleaning business in Morro Bay too. Some other family members have begun building tiny houses and Williams and her husband hope one day to be able to have a tiny house placed somewhere in the area. In the meantime, she will continue to run the store.
“I love the hunt,” she said, “and always find something for repurposing.”
In so doing Williams and her friends at Rustic Diamond are helping the environment and offering fun, useful items for your decorating pleasure.
The Rustic Diamond is at 1190 Main Street, Morro Bay and open Thursday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. but will have increased hours as the summer season progresses.

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