A-Bloomin’ Morro Bay

MORRO BAY - The gods of rain graced us with their flow and now they have transformed us once again into Ireland, hills of green filled with grasses and fields of blooms. Time for a drive in the countryside or a walk around town. Morro Bay is a-bloomin’.

Stroll by my house and you will be blinded by the magenta magic of some type of ice plant. My neighbor’s yard has California poppies, and graceful, stringy blue and purple lupine. And then there are the yards full of oxalis, while considered a pest, still so wonderful to see a blanket of yellow reaching up a hillside. Soon tall mustard plants will sprout along the roadways and in April it will be time to drive out Highway 58 to Shell Creek Road in breathless anticipation of baby blue eyes, tidy tips, and bush lupine.

Don’t miss it! It isn’t always available. For years with the drought there were no blooms in many places and spectacular years are few and far between. For a long distance and something truly amazing check out Death Valley. It doesn’t always come through but when it does it is a sight in which to revel, a desert floor covered in blossoms.

Another nearby must see spot are the poppy fields of Lancaster in the Mojave Desert. Good rain years bring out acres and acres of the bright orange blooms.

If you hurry you may see the blooms at Anza Borrego State Park in Southern California too. Supposed to be a good year!

You can check out the availability of blossoms online.

Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve – www.parks.ca.gov

Poppy Festival – April 22-23,2017 – www.poppyfestival.com

Death Valley – www.nps.gov/deva and check out super bloom at www.sfgate.com

Anza Borrego State Park – www.desertusa.com

Shell Creek Road – I’d advise checking with KSBY and Google Shell Creek Road or just take a chance and go out there – it’s a great road trip!