2017 Monster and Sea 24 hour Cancer Paddle

MORRO BAY - This Easter weekend, April 15 and 16, the Monster and Sea 24 hour Paddle, a paddle boarding fundraiser association in support of families struggling with cancer, will host its third annual "24" event right here in our own backyard.

While multiple different teams participate all throughout North America, for the second year in a row, a team of Morro Bay locals plans to paddle for 24 straight hours in hopes of raising at least $6,000 - $1,000 for six individual families along the Central Coast.

Six local paddlers - Teddy Borja, Ken Twist, Nikki Gregg, Stanley Craig, Trevor Hamblin and Jeff Webber - will start the paddle inside the Morro Bay Harbor at Coleman Beach Saturday morning, Morro Bay team captain, Teddy Borja, said. The three teams of two will rotate in and out as they travel all along the Embarcadero, out to Target Rock, along the Sand Spit and as far south as the Natural History Museum.

While this journey will surely be demanding, mentally, physically and emotionally, it will only pale in comparison to the life altering challenges faced by cancer patients and their families. That being said, the Monster and Sea 24 hour Paddle team of Morro Bay not only hopes to support these families financially, but also hopes to simply raise awareness and better educate the public on the realities behind this deadly and absolutely destructive disease.

"(We do this) to give families a breather in the fight against cancer," Teddy Borja said. "$1,000 may mean the difference between a treatment or paying rent or bills. It may also lend a hand to enable a trip away for a mental reset or to (just) visit with family and friends."

What originally started as a mere idea - to do what one loves in order to inspire his community - has quickly transformed into a very real reality. The aforementioned idea itself, though well-intentioned, is often difficult to actually apply and consequently discouraging. While it is surely difficult for a single individual to make a difference, a community unanimously collaborating to reach one goal is much more likely to make an impact. In fact, last year's event consisted of seven six-person teams across the country, while this year numbers have doubled with a total of 14 six-person teams from different locations including Idaho, Morro Bay, Newport, North Carolina, Ontario and Vancouver.

Monster and Sea 24 hour Paddle, as a cancer-fighting community, has already managed to inspired so many in its first few years of existence and is excited to only continue doing so in the years to come.

To donate visit www.gofundme.com/MS24MB2017.

For any questions contact Teddy Borja at [email protected]


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