• Plein Air Painting Indoors

    You’ve probably seen artists here on the Central Coast outdoors with their easels and paints on any given day. What are they doing? Well, it is obvious that they are painting, and the terminology for how they are doing this is “Plein Air.”

  • Birds Are In The Air At Art Center

    Once again, the Morro Bay Art Association celebrates the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival with For The Birds, an exhibit of a collection of fine art paintings and photography, depicting Morro Bay’s vast array of indigenous species of birds as well as birds seen around the world and all things bird related.

  • Morro Bay Leather Shop Owner Does Demonstration

    You’ve probably passed it by a thousand times on Morro Bay Boulevard — the Leather Shop. I know I have for years. Finally, one day, I stopped in to see what it was all about and met owner Finn Hansen who was busy tooling away on a leather project.

  • Wellness: Your back will love this savings plan

    I have a picture of change that I was carrying in my purse. It doesn’t look like much but believe it or not, it weighed 2 pounds! When my purse feels like it is full of rocks, it is good reminder to empty my change purse. Today I decided to weigh the change just out of curiosity and was astonished to see how much it weighed. I kept the quarters (you always need parking money) and put the rest in an old water jug I keep spare change in. Now I make it a regular practice to empty the change out of my purse which is better for my back.

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