• Wellness: Your back will love this savings plan

    I have a picture of change that I was carrying in my purse. It doesn’t look like much but believe it or not, it weighed 2 pounds! When my purse feels like it is full of rocks, it is good reminder to empty my change purse. Today I decided to weigh the change just out of curiosity and was astonished to see how much it weighed. I kept the quarters (you always need parking money) and put the rest in an old water jug I keep spare change in. Now I make it a regular practice to empty the change out of my purse which is better for my back.

  • Instead of turkey try thankfulness

    Forget the history story, forget the Pilgrims, forget the Indians. Thanksgiving Day - this holiday has morphed into a day of gluttony as we gorge on the turkey, the ham, the sweet potatoes, the stuffing, the rolls, and the green beans. For some, it’s a day being glued to the television watching football. For others, it’s the obligatory visit to the relatives.

  • Hunting season in Morro Bay

    Thanksgiving always causes us to hearken back to the early days when men went abroad to slay beasts and birds to grace the grateful table. Well, it’s that time again. Hunting season. Waterfowl hunting on Morro Bay invariably brings forth intense feelings on both sides of the table; those that are for it and those against. Hunting is a difficult issue.

  • Do you know the Morro Bay Side Mirror Spider?

    For many people the sight of a spider invokes fear. Tales of poisonous bites of the black widow or the brown recluse have given spiders a bad rap. The truth is spiders are one of the most beneficial creatures on the planet. Still, it pays to be cautious especially when poking around in the woodpile for a log for the fireplace.

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Morro Bay skater pushes across America

It was 1976, and summertime in California. Most young men were lounging at the beach or surfing. Some had graduated from high school and college and were looking for jobs. Not so Jack Smith, Jeff French, and Mike Philbin. “We were looking for something to do,” Smith said with a smile, “instead of getting a real job. So, we decided to skateboard across the country.”

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Morro Bay Lighted Boat Parade moved to Dec. 8

The Morro Bay Lighted Boat Parade will be moved to a new date of Dec. 8, due to high winds and rain predicted the day of the original parade. The assessment was a collective decision including Event Coordinator, City of Morro Bay Tourism, Harbor and the City of Morro Bay.

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Holiday show: ‘Anne of Green Gables’

Morro Bay’s By the Sea Productions wraps up their 2018 theater season with the family-friendly classic, L.M. Montgomery’s “Anne of Green Gables.” Set in the early 1900s on Prince Edward Island in Canada, it is the story of Anne Shirley, a red-haired, imaginative 12-year old orphan reluctantly adopted by “old maid” Marilla Cuthbert and her bachelor brother, Mathew.

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Carry the vision at Del Mar

Children practicing meditation in the classroom! What is this all about? It seems that Del Mar School has embraced the concept that nonviolence education restores and establishes a peaceful environment. Principal Janet Gould accepted a concept brought forth to them by Julie Hitchcock, one of the parents and a coordinator in the Restore Program Instruction and Development program of Carry The Vision, a peace and nonviolence organization centered in Gilroy, California.

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Morro Bay appoints Jody Cox chief of police

City Manager Scott Collins announced on Oct. 31 the appointment of Jody Cox to Chief of Police for the Morro Bay Police Department. The announcement was met with pleasure by both the staff and community. Cox, who has been serving here since 2012 when he was hired as Police Sergeant, has been serving as Commander since 2016. On two separate occasions, he performed as acting Police Chief.

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